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Outline and evaluate psychological therapies as treatments of Sz. (24 marks)

There are many psychological therapies used in the treatment of Sz. The use of drugs is common
form of therapy however, it is thought treatment is more effective when used in conjunction with but
psychological therapies which can help…

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people, 45% refused to co-operate or dropped out during the trial. As Tarrier's experimental design
was outcome research, the significantly high dropout rate causes loss of valuable data, making this
research unreliable. There are also ethical issues to consider in Sz research, as research on therapies
for Sz must be…

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regime for 8 months and found positive changes in behaviour. Of the five patients able to be
discharged, none of them were readmitted within a one year follow-up. This is however an
extremely small sample and other studies have tended to found that behaviour changes did not
continue after the…




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