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Treatments for Schizophrenia
The most effective treatment is a combination of drug therapy, psychotherapy and social or community

Antipsychotic drugs

1. Conventional antipsychotic drugs
also called neuroleptic drugs because they often cause unwanted side effects of
physical movements e.g. muscle tremors similar to those in Parkinson's
Phenothiazines were the…

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Both cause undesirable bizarre and significant side effects
Clozapine is associated with potentially fatal lowering of white blood cells and its use requires
regular blood monitoring
Newer drugs such as Risperidone do not cause distressing side effects but is expensive so
not widely used
About 2% of sufferers do not…

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o Used in psychiatric hospitals where patients receive rewards for behaving
appropriately and punishment or no reward for behaving inappropriate or disruptively
o If taken to the extreme, where basics such as food and water are used as rewards they
are shown to be effective but are sometimes regarded as…

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1. Assess the form and content of psychotic experience
2. Asses the emotional response
3. Asses the persons thoughts that accompany the emotion
4. Assess and prior warning or stimulus
5. Assess the individuals coping strategy in terms of its effectiveness
The therapy then progresses using two components;
1. Education…

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CSE therapy is most effective on those suffering less severe symptoms or those already
receiving antipsychotic medication to control hallucinations and delusions
Research trials using cognitive therapy for delusions have demonstrated 40% reduction in the
severity of psychotic symptoms (Kuipers et al 1997)
During a period of acute psychosis, cognitive…


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