AS History - WW1 politics review

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1914- star of the war, Herbet Asquith in charge of the liberals. In the war cabinet there was around 20 members, Lord kitchener was the secretary of war, they were very indecisive as a cabinet and they couldn't and didn't understand the severity of the outbreak of war. 

may 1915- this was the time of the shell shortage, always had issues with dardnelles campaign. Asquith then set up the coalition, himeslf and Bonar Law (who was from the conservatives), also Balfour replaced Winston Churchill. This was at the sme time that Lloyd Geroge made himself minister of munitions, however, they were still indecisive as a collective cabinet and they faced the issue of conscription, which Lloyd George was infavour of. Conscription was a major issue and in december 1915 only


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