Virtue Ethics spec. Aristotle

  • Agent centered ethic
  • Not concerned with individual actions but your life and your character - the person you should become. 
  • Virtuous person prioritises the appropriate virtue at the right time
  • Virtue Ethics is focused on the idea that the decision on how to act should come from within.
  • Aristotle starts from the fact that everyone is directed towards an aim and everyone has a purpose. 
  • There are subordinate aims (those aims which help to accomplish more important ones) and the superior aim (the overriding aim to which everything is directed)
  • The superior aim is the supreme good for all humanity which Aristotle calls eudaimonia (this mix of happiness and virtue, human flourishing and thriving)
  • Recognised not everyone achieves happiness in the same way. 3 categories: Pleasure lovers (lowest kind, most people in this category, we're almost reduced to animals as this is how they achieve their happiness, through physical pursuits etc.). Honour lovers (those who serve the community e.g. politicians. Contemplation lovers (purest form of happiness e.g.philosophers. we use our reason (which distinguishes us as humans and is our most…


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