The issues of ethics

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    • Normative Ethics
      • Applied Ethics
      • Denotic ethics
        • Deontological theories
          • Kant
            • Doing the morally right deed regardless of consquences
          • Divine command
            • View that X is right as God commands it
        • Teleological theory
          • Utilitarianism
            • Situation ethics
              • J.Fletcher- each situation should produce a loving outcome.- shouldn't always follow rules.
            • Moral doctrine that one should always seek the greatest balance of good over evil.
          • Egoism
            • we should all seek to act in our own best interests
        • What we should do- actions we should perform
    • Metaethics
      • What do you mean by good
      • Emotivism= ethical statements dont express emotion
      • Subjectivism= X is right bc I said so- no real reason
      • How do we justify moral judgements
      • Relativism= rightness is determined by cultural or religion
    • Aretaic/virtue ethics
      • Aristotle
        • Moral life= practical reasoning
      • Natural Law
        • Moral rightness= reason according to nature
      • The person carrying out the action- their motives and characer


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