Arguments against first cause

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Why is there something rather than nothing?

  • scientists would claim they universe we know started with a big bang; approx 15 billion years ago, mighty explosion of an infinitely dense point( singularity) & from this came all material that forms the universe. people have various opinions on this theory;
    • for some people this is enought to explan the universe but for many this isn't enough as doesn't answer question about why the universe or anything exists.  This important question appears to be dismissed as unimportant.
    • people ask where big bang came from & go back to argument that there must be a starting point
    • must be pure being(or pure existence) for there to be anything at all, including materials that created the big bang.  god is pure being/pure existence.  God is infinite.  If God is infinite bing then anything else that's infinite (eg love..) must all be in God as there cannot…


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