Beliefs about Deity

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  • A Personal God is a Christian God. This does not mean that God is a human being but that God has "personality" and the capalitity of both relationships with other personal beings.
  • A Impersonal God is a Christian God but maybe is a simple idea, perhaps a force. Although this force maybe a dangerous one which is said in the bible as the Universe is held together by forces
  • A Transcendant God means that she is existing above, outside of, or beyond creation. He is not limited to anything. He has 3 distinct perons.
  • A Immanent God means that God is being witthin the universe as God is very active in Human affairs and working of the universe. So opposite of a Transcendant God.

Mysticism- when you have a experience with God

If God is Male

Some feminist find this unfair as men maybe higher than women which is kind of sexist but we don not know that although God could be "beyond human gender". We get that God maybe male as he is known to be that sex in the bible. Mary Daly-female theologian.

Character of God in the Old Testament

God is known to be a horrible and dangerous God. He was strict, didn''t care about people who supported him although he controlled the world which made people think that he is important and we have to pray him to stay alive and live well : Chistian thought of that.

Jesus- The Basics

  • Christians who believe in the Trinity believe that Jesus was God in the


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