AQA Core science physics unit 1

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Infrared Radiation

Infrared radiation is the transfer of heat enfergy via electromagnetic waves. All objects emit IR and the hotter an object is the more IR it emits. 

Greenhouse effect

Short wavelength infrared radiation enter the atmosphere and is absorbed by the objecs inside. When emmitted from the objects the wavelengths are longer and can no longer pass throught the atmosphere and remain trapped within it. Gases such as: (Greeenhouse gases)

  • Water vapour
  • Methan 
  • Carbon Dioxide

Thicken the atomosphere and increase Gloal Warming

Surfaces And Radiation

  • Black,matt surfaces are better emmitters and absorbers of infrared radiation
  • Shiny,silver surfaces are poor emitters and absorbers but are good reflectors of Infrared radiation

Kinetic Theory

Particles within a solid are held in fixed positions and vibrate in place.

Particles in a liquid are further aprt from each other but are still in contact when moving at random.

Particles within a liquid are further apart and move speed.


Conduction is the transfer of heat


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