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AQA - GCSE Physics Revision
Additional Physics (P2)…read more

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Chapter 1 - Motion
What you need to know:
·Distance-time Graphs
·Finding out when an object is stationary
·Finding out when an object is moving at a constant speed
·Velocity and Acceleration
·The difference between speed and velocity
·What acceleration is and its units
·What is deceleration
·Velocity-time Graphs
·Finding out if an object is accelerating or decelerating
·What the area under a velocity-time graph represents
·Using Graphs
·Calculating speed from a distance-time graph
·How we can calculate distance from a velocity-time graph
·Calculating acceleration from velocity-time graphs…read more

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Distance-Time Graphs
A Constant Speed: An object moving at
the same time travels the same distance
every second
Speed on a distance time graph is
represented by the slope
Speed 1 = fast moving object (steep line)
Speed 2 = steady moving object (straight sloped line)
Speed 3 = stationary object (horizontal line)…read more

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Velocity and Acceleration
Velocity: speed in a given direction (2 objects can have the same speed but a
different velocity due to the direction they are travelling in)
Acceleration: the rate at which the velocity of an object is increasing
·An object travelling at a steady speed is accelerating if its velocity is changing
·Deceleration = the velocity decreases (negative acceleration) and the object
slows down…read more

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Velocity-Time Graphs
Distance Travelled = area under velocity-
time graph
Acceleration and Deceleration = gradient of
the lines
Finding the area under the graph
1. Break the area under the graph up into sections and
work out the area of separate shapes
2. Once you have worked out the area of each shape
add them together
*If you are only finding out the acceleration or deceleration you
only need to work out the gradient of the sloping line (so only
one triangle) Deceleration = -distance / time*…read more

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How fast = Velocity
How far = Distance
How quickly the velocity changes =
Object moving at a constant speed = an
increased distance
Deceleration on
a distance time
graph…read more

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