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Seperatism is when a minority group attempt to gain greater independence from the main country to protect its individualism.  There are many reasons for this, mainly centred around political and economical reasons, such as an increas in powe and right for self determination. The gaining of greater independance can however have many consequences for the newly independent country . These consequences can either be voilent such as war or terrorist attacks or peaceful such as referendum.

Sudan is an example of a country that has had massively violent consequences, in 1955 the first civil war took place, lasting until 1973, this reslted in the deaths of half a million people. It came to an end when the south was given automony however the second civil war started only 11 years later, when automony was taken away and the Sudans people liberation was formed. Killing another 2 million people.  However, consequences became more peaceful when in 2005, the conflict was resolved and the South Sudanese where again given autonomy and…


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