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First answer  - reasons for separatist pressure

Countries face separatist pressures for many reasons. Separatist pressure as when minority groups want great independence to protect their individualism.  One reason may be a cultural aspect, many scots argued that the scottish culture was institutionally marginalised in favour of the english culture, eventually suppressing the scottish culture. Independance for the scots would mean they would be able to re-establish their culture . There are also cultural reasons for the pressures in Sudan, as the north is mainly muslim and have previously tried to enforce a sharia law on the country, however the south is mainly christian.

A more significant reason for separatist pressure, is that of political, scottish independance would mean the scotts would have the right of self determination and decisions being made in Holyrood, instead of decisions being made partially by the westminister government. In south sudan, black africans want their own government that can represent their needs, as…


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