Anatomical positions and body regions

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Prefixes and suffixes

Hyper- : Above normal  -itis: inflammation

Hypo- : Below normal -ology: science of 

Peri- : Around or near -pathy: abnormality

Anatomical position: standing with head facing forward, arms by sides, palms facing forwards and fingers pointing down

Body regions

  • Head (cephalic): skull and face (eyes, ears, mouth etc)
  • Neck (cervical): attaches the head to the trunk
  • Trunk: thorax, abdomen and pelvic cavities
  • Upper extremities: shoulders, arms and hands
  • Lower extremities: buttocks, thighs, legs and feet

Anatomical Planes

  • Sagittal plane: divides body or organ into left and right
    • Midsagittal (median) : when the body…


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