American Involement in WWII

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On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked the U.S. naval installation at Pearl Harbour, and the United States formally entered the Second World War. However, there are arguments that the USA was already involved heavily in WWI on the side of the Allies:

  • Conscription - In 1940 Roosevelt also introduced peacetime conscription of all men aged 21-35
  • Increased defence spending - In 1940 Congress increased the budget  for defence spending
  • Lend-Lease - In March 1941 Congress passed the 'Lend-lease Agreement' which meant that America would 'lend' Britain up to $7,000 worth of weapons; this agreement was extended to the USSR after it was attacked by Germany in June 1941. Through this and Cash and Carry the Americans were clearly involved in the war before Pearl Harbour, economically they were in support of the Allies
  • Atlantic Charter - In August 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met secretly and devised an eight-point statement of war aims known as the Atlantic Charter, which included a pledge that the Allies would not accept territorial changes resulting from the war in Europe
  • Navy involvement - During 1941 US Destroyers began to escort convoys of British merchant ships as far as Iceland
  • Japan embargo - The USA was also clearly at odds with Japan before war was declared. In reaction to Japan joining Germany and Italy in the Three Power Pact Roosevelt cancelled US trading agreements with Japanese countries, the sale of planes, chemicals and iron; in 1941 oil was added to the list

Nonetheless, there…


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