Alternatives to JTB

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Other alternatives to JTB and Gettiers quadripartite solution


Infalliblism attempts to strengthen the tripartite definition by strengthening the justification condition, by specifying that the reasons given must be correct or infallible. This means that for something to count as knowledge under infalliblism it must have a guaranteed truth.

Pros: This means that wirh infalliblism we get absolute certainty about what counts as knowledge and you don't have to deal with Gettier like counter-examples because infalliblism doesn't need to deal with them.

Cons: It limits to we count as knowledge to mathematical propositions like 2+2=4 and other personal propositions like "I believe I'm in pain" etc.


This approach to defining knowledge rejects the justifcation conditon and swaps it for reliablity. This measn that for something to count as knowledge it just has to be repeated as some


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