Alexander III 1881-1894

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Alexander III 1881-1894

  • 13th March 1881: A III became Tsar after A II was assassinated by a member of the revolutionary group 'The People's Will'.
  • A III unlike A II, believed in Russification and wanted to undo A II's reforms and westernisation, which he believed made Russia weak and that the power of the Tsar had to be unchallenged.
  • ''He would not sacrifice the truly Russian principle of autocracy''- H. Seton-Watson.
  • 1881 Statute of State Security: increased government powers by setting up government controlled courts and liberal officials, judges and magistrates removed. Okhrana powers extended and censorship tightened.  These were described as emergency measures but stayed in place until 1917.
  • 1884: Limitation of universities' administrative autonomy.
  • 1887: Raise university, secondary and primary tuition fees, (1897 illiteracy rate of 79%)
  • 1887: University Statute: Universities brought under government control again.
  • 1889: Local justices of the Peace were removed and a Land Commandant was created, this overrode pwoers of


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