After the Hijrah- 622-632

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Hijrah and the challenges that the Muslims faced:

  • Hijrah in 622CE- Muhammad was invited to Madinah as he was referred to as Al-Amin(trustworthy) and As' Sadeeq(truthful).
  • 73 people pledged and the people of Madinah offered them protection.
  • Muhammad was exiled for 12 years and his own tribe turned on him.
  • Why he left? For the protection of the Muslims- Converts were tortured by the Makkans.
  • So that he could preach and warn the Jews and Christians of the fires of hell.
  • He resisted to the torture of the Makkans but Islam would have been seen as a threat to the Quraysh's wealth- they gained money off of people's sacrifices and pilgrimages if Muhammad's message ran true the tribe would lose out.
  • Problems Muhammad faced:
  • How to unite the community under on leadership- bringing the Muhajiirun(emigrants) and Ansar(Madinans).
  • How to convert the whole of Arabia.
  • What to do if Makkah was attacked.
  • Creating a treaty with Jews
  • Creating laws and…


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