African American Civil Rights Revision 1865-1945


W.E.B Du Bois:
 A civil rights leader who earned fame for his publication of such works as Souls of Black Folk 1903, and was a founding officer the NAACP and editor of its magazine. He also conducted the essential Philadelphia ***** study and made strides in changing the attitudes of the American people. He gained support from white liberals which helped fuel his political journey which lasted throughout his lifetime.

NIAGARA Movement:
Founded in 1905 by7 Du Bois and Trotter
Had an academic approach that the working class AA’s did not relate to. It did however gain mass support from women and consequently it campaigned for their suffrage too. Unfortunately due to lack of funding it achieved little and was abandoned in favour of the naacp.

National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People
The group first convened in 1909 and is still around today. It published articles, defended African Americans in court and gave passionate speeches. 1920’s they had 90,000 members but this dipped due to the great depression in the 1330’s to 50,000 members.

He felt that equality was not achievable but had pride for his heritage and campaigned for pan-Africanism. He struck a chord with the working classes unlike the more political African American leaders with his big ideas such as a black shipping line. However he had no political strategy and ran into financial troubles.

Nation Urban Workers League:
Set up in 1911 to look after the welfare of AA’s in northern cities.

The Great Migration:
Causes- ww1, boll weevil infestations, segregation in the South, better job opportunities
In the first two years 1916-1918 400,000 African Americans moved North
Overall around 6 million migrated
This put a huge strain on cities and often African Americans were forced to live in very poor conditions. White Americans and black Americans who were already in the North did not want to


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