Adult screening tests

Adult screening tests

Blood pressure for hypertension

  • sphygmomanometer
  • metal dish of stethoscope on bracial pulse point
  • cuff around upper arm 
  • gradually inflate cuff until no pulse can be heard
  • pressure in cuff is greater than in artery - blood flow to hand has stopped
  • deflate cuff slightly until pulse can be heard
  • on the first pulse, record systolic pressure
  • pressure as heart contracts
  • pressure in artery is equal to pressure in cuff 
  • continue to deflate cuff until no pulse can be heard
  • on last pulse, record diastolic pressure
  • pressure between contractions
  • pressure in artery is greater than in cuff
  • recorded in mmHg (mm of mercury)
  • written as systolic over diastolic
  • clinical hypertension is high BP recorded at least 3 times
  • example of hypertension is 130/80mmHg

Smear test

  • test for cervical cancer
  • patient lays on examination table, puts feet together and opens/drops knees
  • a speculum is inserted into the vagina and up into the cervix to hold it open 
  • a special shaped spatula is used to scrape off some cells from the cervix
  • the cells


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