Techniques for the prevention and reduction of disability conditions



- MMR vaccine and a follow up vaccination is effective in preventing Rubella during pregnancy which can cause Cerebral Palsy

Adequate Nutrition

- Good nutrition before and during pregnancy can reduce the risk of Cerebral Palsy

- Adequate amounts of folic acid can reduce the risk of Spina Bifida

- Avoiding recreational drugs will reduce the the chance of having a child with a disability

Accident Prevention

- Follow normal safety precautions

- Fitness training

- wear protective equipment when appropriate

Genetic Counselling

- Couples who are believed to be carriers of the disease will be advised of the probability of having a child with the disabiltiy condition and then they can make a decision on whether to have children

- An individual can be sterilised. This involves a simple operation. However, the process is not easy to reverse if the individual changes their mind

- Parents may decide to abort a child that has the disability

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis

- Unfertilised ova are removed from a woman who wishes to have a child and then artificially fertilised using sperm from the woman's partner or donor

- The resulting embryo's are allowed to develop until a sample of genetic material can be safely removed

- Genetic


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A nice summary - I like the fact that the Author has included the ethical issues within the work.