Acts of the Reformation Parliament

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The English Reformation Parliament commenced in 1529 and eventually lead to the Reformation.

There were many different acts that were passed:

Act to limit pluralism - This tried to limit pluralism in the clergy.

Act to control clerical fees - 1529 (there was a limitation to money given to priests to pray for the souls of others) , 1534 (gave 10% of all clerical income to the crown).

Act to end Benefit of clergy - 1531 (abolition of 'benefit of clergy' for petty treason and murder).

Act of Annates - 1532 (suspended Annates, taxes for new members of the clergy, and said that papal retaliation was to be ignored), 1534 (completely abolished Annates and said that bishops must be elected by deans and chapters).

Act in Restraint of Appeals - 1533…


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