Act and Rule Utilitarianism

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Act and Rule Utilitarianism

According to Act Utilitarianism the principle is applied directly to a particular action in a particular circumstance.

According to Rule Utilitarianism the principle is applied to a slection of a set of rules which are in turn used to determine what to do in a particular situation.

Act Utilitarianism

Decide what action will lead to the greatest good in the particular situation you are facing and apply the principle of utility directly. Look at the consequences to make your decision.

Flexibility - Utilitarianism allows moral rules to changed from situation ot the next as the same act may produce the greatest good in one cirucmstance but not in the other. There are no necessary moral rules except that we should always seek the greatest happiness for the greatest number in all situations.

It is Teleological - it has an end aim or goal - maximisation of pleasure for the majority. 

Relative - nothing in itself is right or wrong.

Consequential - the consequences of an act alone determine…


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