A - CI7.1 Chemical Equilibrium

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Dynamic Equilibrium

  • Equilibrium - state of balance in which nothing changes
  • Closed system - when nothing can exit or enter
  • Equilibrium is a reversible change
  • Dynamic Equilibrium - when the system is in equilibrium the reactants and prodcuts react at the same rate in a closed system



Carbon Dioxide reacts with Water:

  • Hydrogencarbonate ions and hydrogen ions formed
  • (>< = reversible sign)

CO2(aq) + H2O(l) >< HCO3-(ag) + H+(aq)

  • Reaction going from left to right = forward reaction
  • Reaction going from right to left = backward reaction
  • Substances on the left = reactants
  • Substances on the right = products

Position of Equilibrium

  • Change the concentration of one side - no longer in equilibrium so concentraions will change to go back to equilibrium
  • Concentrations may not be equal but the rate is equal

Shifting the Position

Can be altered by changing:

  • Concentration of the


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