OCR AS chemistry unit 2 definitions

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OCR Chemistry unit 2 definitions

Empirical formula - the simplest whole number ratio of atoms of each element in a compound.

Molecular formula – the actual number of atoms of each element in a molecule

General formula - the simplest algebraic formula of a member of a homologous series

Structural formula – the minimal detail that shows the arrangement of atoms in a molecule

Displayed formula – the simplified organic formula, shown by removing hydrogen atoms from alkyl chains, leaving a carbon skeleton and functional groups

Homologous series – a series of organic compounds having the same functional group and the same general formula.

Functional group – a group responsible for the characteristic reactions of a compound

Structural isomers – compounds with the same molecular formula but a different structural formula

Stereoisomers – compounds with the same structural formula but with a different arrangement in space

E/Z isomerism – a type of stereoisomerism, where the C=C bond can’t rotate and it has 2 different groups attached to each carbon

Cis-trans isomerism – a type of E/Z isomerism which has 2 of the same groups on each of the carbon atoms in a C=C bond

Homolytic fission – the breaking of a covalent bond forming


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