5.6- Micropropagation

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  • This is plant tissue culture, the cloning of plants.
  • Cells are taken from plants that have desirable characteristics and commercial value.
  • This allows large numbers of plants to be transported at an early stage of life, taking up little space, as apposed to the traditional method of taking cuttings.
  • The success of micropropagation stems from the ability of the plant cells to differentiate into any other plant cell. There are what is known as totipotent.
  • Micropropagation is sometimes known as test-tube plant culture, and is very cost-effective and produces large numbers of plants.
  • Meristems are what is found at the tips of the roots and shoots of plants, and it is here that plant cells divide rapidly and are therefore known as growing points.

Steps of Micropropagation:

  • A plants with the desired characteristics


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