Artificial cloning in plants

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Artificial cloning in plants:

Tissue culture (large scale):

  • This is a series of techniques that are used to grow cells, tissues or organs from a small sample of cells or tissues 
  • It is carried out on a sterile nutrient medium under sterile conditions 
  • Tissue culture is used comercially to increase number of new plants in micropropagation


1. Plant is cut to form explants (meristem tissue is often used as it's free from virus infection)

2. Explants are sterilised using bleach or alcohol to kill bacteria or fungus 

3. Explants placed onto sterile medium containing nutrients and may also contain auxins and cytokinin

4. Stimulates the explant to divide by mitosis to form callus 

5. Callus is divided to produce large number of undifferenciated cells

6.undifferenciated cells are separated into different mediums containing different ratios of…


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