5.6- Genetically Modified Organisms

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Transgenic Plants:

  • A transgenic organism has had its genotype altered producing a new strain of organism.
  • These are also known as genetically modified organisms.
  • Bacteria are readily introduced into plants. 
  • Certain species naturally attack damaged plants and cause the plant cells to multiply and cause a tumour.
  • The bacteria do this by inserting genes form their own plasmids into one of the plant's chromosomes. 
  • The plasmid gene links with the DNA of the plant but stimulates the growth of a tumour.
  • Scientists can replace the tumour-forming genes in the bacterial plasmids with useful genes.
  • Examples of GM foods:
  • Soya beans (plants modified to be resistant to wee killers)
  • Tomatoes (enzyme that causes outside of tomato to go soft due to the break down of the pectin in the cell walls is blocked. Tomatoes have a longer shelf life and better taste)

Potential Benefits of


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