Genetic engineering/recombinant DNA tech.

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  • Uses/applications of genetic engineering
    • It has produced a variety of drugs and hormones for medical use e.g. gene splicing to manufacture large amounts of insulin using E.coli bac.
    • Involves manipulating human genes to treat or cure genetic diseases and disorders. Modified plasmids or viruses often are the messengers to deliver genetic material to the body's cells, resulting in the production of substances that should correct the illness
    • Recombination DNA technology
  • Recombinant DNA technology
    • New combinations of genetic material are produced by artificially copying a piece of DNA from one organism (the donor) and joining (or recombining) this copy with the circular DNA (plasmid) in a bacterium (the host)
    • 1) Locate a specific gene in a donor cell
    • 2) Isolate this gene in a piece of donor DNA
    • 3) Modify the donor DNA in a highly selective way
    • 4) Transfer the modified donor DNA into host cells in such a way that the gene will be expressed strongly enough to be of practical use


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