4.1 online shopping + 4.2 Verification and Online booking.

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Shopping has become a very popular and conveniet online activity. Shopping websites are like databases, but all of the tehnical details are hidden from the shopper- all the shopper sees is a proffessionally designed web page.

The data bas of products allows you to buy and browse online goods and services. You can normally search for products, and sort lists of products by various fields such as price, reviews or number in stock. The desired items can then be added to an online shopping basket and items can be paid for at a checkout using a debit/credit card. They are then delivered directly to your door. There are benefitrs and drawbacks of online shoppinf for both the customer and the business:


Products can be purchased at any time which is convenient. Disabled people or people living far away from a store do not need to leave the house since goods are delivered. Goods are cheaper due to the shop having to pay less overheads like rent. But you can't try on the clothes before buying them and there is a


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