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Effect of ICT on Society
Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) Aircraft designers use computer models. Give three different reasons why computer models are used in the
development of new aircraft. [3]
Three answers from:
To reduce the cost/cheaper/saves money because problems with the design can…

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Letters arrive at the earliest the next day and sometimes take several
You send the email from the computer you are working at so don't
need to leave the house but to send a letter you have to go out to the
post box or post office which takes…

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Customers now need to remember a PIN.
Some customers spend more than they mean to because they find it hard to keep a check on how much money has
been spent on their credit card - when they used cash they had a certain amount in their purse & once…

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They will need to pay using a credit or debit card but there can be issues with fraud if the website they are using
isn't properly secure
There is sometimes less choice in online shops compared to real shops
If the website shop is not run by a famous shop…

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Treatment might be changed/deleted resulting in problems for patients, even death
Patient names might be altered/deleted so medicines might be given to the wrong person.
Patient addresses might be altered/deleted so that patients cannot be contacted.
Appointment dates could be changed/deleted so that treatment is missed.
Hacker can steal personal…

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Computer programmers/software developers/analysts.
Computer technicians/network managers/IT engineers.
Computer/ICT teachers.
Computer sales people/internet shop sales people
Web designers
13) Supermarkets use computers.
a) Give 2 devices that can be used to enter food prices into the point-of-sale (POS) terminals. [2]
Two answers from:
Keypad/touch pad/touch screen.
Bar-code reader.
(Hand held) scanner.…

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Websites can contain sound so you can hear what is going on in videos and also hear just sound clips e.g. if you
researching a music composer then you could hear an extract from one of his pieces of hear an interview with
someone who has been to a concert…

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Staff might need to learn a new UK staff who move to the new country may need to learn a new
language language if English isn't the main language of the new country
Some staff will lose their jobs When the company moves some of its offices to a new…

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Teleconferences & video Allow more than 2 people to connect simultaneously from different
conferences places & talk & hear everyone else.
With video conferences all the people can both see & hear each other,
with teleconferences all the people can hear each other
Email Means people can almost instantly send…

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to them all. If they want to send the same traditional letter to all
their children they will have to write it/print it out lots of times and
then send each copy in a separately addressed envelope each with
its own stamp.
Email can be done all from home Emails…


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