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These are notes made by my ICT teacher. GOD BLESS HER! i hope these help

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Effect of ICT on Society
Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) Aircraft designers use computer models. Give three different reasons why computer models are used in the
development of new aircraft. [3]
Three answers from:
To reduce the cost/cheaper/saves money because problems with the design can be spotted on the computer
model instead of only finding them when the real plane has been built.
Saves time - building a real plane to use to test the design will take a lot longer than setting up a computer model
Much safer - flying a real plane that hasn't been tested on a computer model first means that if there is a serious
problem there could be a plane crash but no-one will be hurt if the plane is tested on a computer model
Variables can be changed easily on the computer model to see the effects of they have on the plane OR the model
can be used to answer "What if" questions. E.g. the model can show what happens if the wind increases or the
temperature changes suddenly
2) A family has a computer. Give two different benefits to the family of connecting this computer to the Internet.
Two answers from:
Can order goods/do the shopping without leaving home.
Can get information on many topics/can be used for homework.
Wider range of information available than they would otherwise have in their house.
Can be used for entertainment e.g. playing games, watching TV programmes.
Can be used for teleworking/ working from home.
Can be used to transfer information e.g. transfer homework to school computers.
Information is more likely to be up to date than in printed books e.g. bus timetables
You do not have to leave the house to find information e.g. don't have to go to the library to do research, don't
have to go to a shop to find out how much something costs
Can stay in contact with other people easily and cheaply (NOT free). E.g. can send emails quickly & cheaply to
anywhere in the world, can leave messages for people on forums and chat with them in chat rooms.
Can download updates for the software they have on their computer e.g. can go to website of the company that
makes their anti-virus software and download an update so the software stays up to date and so stays effective.
Some services and goods are cheaper if bought online rather than from a shop or over the phone e.g. car insurance
is cheaper when bought online
3) You use your computer to send an e-mail message to a company in New York.
(a) Describe how an e-mail is transmitted to New York after it has left your computer. [4]
Four answers from:
Data changed into analogue data using modem/ADC
Data travel down cable/telephone lines.
Data arrives at your ISP (Internet Service Provider) where it is broken into packets.
The different packets may travel by different routes to the ISP of the New York company.
Data arrives at ISP of the company in New York
Different packets stored on computer/server of the ISP of the company in New York
The different packets are rebuilt into the original email message
Modem/ADC converts the message/data back into digital format.
Downloaded onto recipient's computer in New York.
Email is read by recipient in New York.
(b) Discuss the advantages of using e-mail over letter post. [4]
The 5 marks that this question is worth are awarded like this:
Get 1 mark for: Making 1 valid point
Get 2 marks for: Making 2 valid points OR making 1 point with an example/expansion
Get 3 marks for: Making 2 valid points with an example/expansion
Get 4 marks for: Making 2 valid points with 2 examples/expansions
To get any marks you must COMPARE email & letter post so you must mention both things in your answer. Notice
it just asks for advantages not disadvantages. Examples of valid points and expansions:
Point Expansion
Emails are faster than letters Almost as soon as you press the "Send" button on an email then it is
sent and it arrives almost immediately at the recipient's computer.

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Letters arrive at the earliest the next day and sometimes take several
You send the email from the computer you are working at so don't
need to leave the house but to send a letter you have to go out to the
post box or post office which takes time
Email more convenient for People who find it difficult to leave their home by themselves e.g.
housebound people because they are in a wheel chair, can send & receive emails without
going out.…read more

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Customers now need to remember a PIN.
Some customers spend more than they mean to because they find it hard to keep a check on how much money has
been spent on their credit card - when they used cash they had a certain amount in their purse & once it was gone
they couldn't spend any more.…read more

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They will need to pay using a credit or debit card but there can be issues with fraud if the website they are using
isn't properly secure
There is sometimes less choice in online shops compared to real shops
If the website shop is not run by a famous shop then it can be difficult to know how reliable and genuine it is. They
might pay for their goods & then they don't turn up.…read more

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Treatment might be changed/deleted resulting in problems for patients, even death
Patient names might be altered/deleted so medicines might be given to the wrong person.
Patient addresses might be altered/deleted so that patients cannot be contacted.
Appointment dates could be changed/deleted so that treatment is missed.…read more

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Computer programmers/software developers/analysts.
Computer technicians/network managers/IT engineers.
Computer/ICT teachers.
Computer sales people/internet shop sales people
Web designers
13) Supermarkets use computers.
a) Give 2 devices that can be used to enter food prices into the point-of-sale (POS) terminals. [2]
Two answers from:
Keypad/touch pad/touch screen.
Bar-code reader.
(Hand held) scanner.
b) Brian works in the office using computers for long periods of time. He suffers from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
and back pain. Suggest two ways of reducing these problems.…read more

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Websites can contain sound so you can hear what is going on in videos and also hear just sound clips e.g. if you
researching a music composer then you could hear an extract from one of his pieces of hear an interview with
someone who has been to a concert of his.…read more

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Staff might need to learn a new UK staff who move to the new country may need to learn a new
language language if English isn't the main language of the new country
Some staff will lose their jobs When the company moves some of its offices to a new country
some UK staff will lose their jobs as they won't be needed by
the company any more as cheaper to employ people in the new
country will be doing their old job
Some customers…read more

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Teleconferences & video Allow more than 2 people to connect simultaneously from different
conferences places & talk & hear everyone else.…read more

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If they want to send the same traditional letter to all
their children they will have to write it/print it out lots of times and
then send each copy in a separately addressed envelope each with
its own stamp.…read more


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