4.1 Language, the individual and society

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4.1.1 Textual variations and representations

Students should study a range of texts:

  • about various subjects
  • from various writers and speakers
  • for various audiences
  • for various purposes
  • in a variety of genres
  • using a variety of modes (written, spoken, electronic)
  • from different times
  • from different places (global, national, regional).

When analysing texts, students should explore how language is:

  • shaped according to audience, purpose, genre and mode
  • shaped according to context
  • used to construct meanings and representations
  • used to enact relationships between writers, speakers and audiences or between participants within a text.

This exploration will include:

  • methods of language analysis
  • how identity is constructed
  • how audiences are addressed and positioned
  • the functions of the texts
  • the structure and organisation of


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