3.1 How computers can be connected to the internet+ 3.2 connection technologies

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The internet allows people to gain access to informationa bout almost any topic. There  are many different ways in which a computer may be connected to the internet.

  • BROADBAND- broadband modems connect to the internet using a high speed data link. Broadband is much faster than methods such as dialup. It also allows you to use the telephone and connect to the internet at the same time.Higher monthly charge compared to dialup. Broadband is still not available in some countryside areas. 
  • SATELITTE- satellite can be used to beam data signals to and from several satellites orbitting the earth. Satellites allow people to gain high speed access to the internet where broadband and mobile network coverage is low.Could be expensive to purchase and fit the equipment needed for a satellite connection.
  • MOBILES- using your mobile phone or a USB 'dongle' you can connect to the internet via a mobile telephone company.Mobile broadband is more convient: you can connect to the internet from anywhere with mobile network coverage. The network coverage in some areas can lead to poor internet access. Generally, this form of internet access is slower the broadband.
  • DIAL-UP- Dial-up modems connect to a telephone line. They then dial the telephone number of your ISP (internet servive provider). Dial-up is quite an affordable way to connect to the internet often costing the same price per minute as a local telepone call. Dial-up is a slower option compared to methods such as broadband. Dial-up




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