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Data Security, Data Integrity, Backups & Archiving

Data Security & Data Integrity:
Data security: trying to ensure data is safe
Data security is about keeping data safe from hazards such as: Viruses, Fires, Deliberate Destruction by Hackers,
User Error, and Hardware Failure. Data security includes:
o Keeping backup copies

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56 (in this case there is no highest allowed number), Abnormal Data is any number that is not allowed such as 55
or 40 etc.
Check digit checks use a calculation that adds an extra digit to the end of a number. As long as the computer
receiving the data…

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8) The following diagram shows a bar code. The last digit is used for validation.

a) What is this type of digit called? [1]
Check digit
b) Describe how this digit is used to validate the bar code. [2]
9) A school keeps a database of the names &…

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4 Accept
Any number
greater than 6
Abnormal Reject

21) A computer manager is worried about hacking and computer viruses.
a) What is meant by hacking? [2]
b) What is a computer virus? [2]
22) When changing a password why does a user have to type it twice?…

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Clear layout. [5]

b) Give two validation checks that could be used to make sure the data entered is reasonable. [2]
30) A company that uses the Internet stores confidential data on its computer system. Describe three methods that
could be used to prevent unauthorised access to the data. [6]…

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a) What should the secretary have done before printing out the work to make sure that the two underlined
words were correct? [1]
b) The secretary should have verified the word-processed work. Describe how the secretary could have
verified the work. [2]
32) A school has a large number of…


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