1988 Elections


1988 Elections

George H.W.Bush (53.4%)

Michael Dukakis (45.7%)

Failing of the Democrats:

Gary Hart (Monkey Business) 1987: "womanizing". Hart, a married man had spent the night with a young model named Donna Rice. Herald had staked out Hart's Washington townhouse, circumstances created a massive media frenzy. hart and Rice had also taken an overnight cruide on a yacht "monkey business" The Post also identified another woman he had an affair with, Hart withdrew from the presidential race in a bitter farewell speech May 8th.

Dukakis and death penalty - emotionless: 1988 debates, Someone asked him would he support the death penalty if his wife Kitty was ***** and murdered. Dukhakis said "no i don't and i think you know that I've opposed the death penalty all of my life. Better and more effective ways to deal with violent crime.

Bush Campaign:

"Read my lips - no new taxes"

He won that election handily, carrying


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