15 MARK exemplar on Structured interviews

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Structured Interviews are interviews that have been planed beforehand and have a set of open and closed questions. There are many strengths and limitations of using these interviews when investigating homeless people.

Firstly, the target or sample of this study is homeless people, which is not very hard to find. A strength is that they are easy to locate. For e.g. these homeless people are are likely to be found in shops and alleyways. Also, it can be argued that these homeless people are more likely to stay in one place for a long period of time. However, it can be difficult to know and to find out who is actually a substance abuser.  This is a weakness because the reseracher would not have the exact location. It is also possible that these homeless substance abusers are more likely to move around the high street rather than stay in one place; this way if the substance is illegal, then they are able to avoid the police and their negative stereo typing.

In addition, in Item C some substance users may feel excluded from soicety and are isolated and they may may welcome the chancde to talk about their situation.this would be a strength because they are more likely to be honest and they would get


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