13 Year Conservative Rule (1951-64)

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Party Leaders;

1951-55: Churchill

1955-57: Eden

1957-63: Macmillan

1963-64: Douglas- Home

Churchills Time (1951-55)

- Consenus?; 

  • NHS- charges stayed in place
  • Housing- outdid labour (Macmillan)
  • Trade unions- tried to get along
  • Nationalisation- affectance of mixed economy. Only denationalised steel, iron and road haulage

- Living standards- improved slightly, food taken off rationing

-Economy (RA Butler)- Balance of Payments crisis, korean war caused fall in exports to USA, 'pots and pans' budget, import controls

Butskellism- Gaitskell and Butler had a lot of similar ideology for economy showed consenus

Edens Term (1955-57)

-Butler's april budget faced a lot of crit. risked economy for party success.

-Eden was a well dressed, lovable man helped win 1955 election along with budget.


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