Why did the Conservatives stay in power for so long? 1951-64

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  • What is the most important reason for Conservative Dominance 1951-64?
    • Labour weaknesses
      • Internal disputes
        • Gaitskell was unable to solve them
        • Over unilateral disarmament and NHS - free optical care
          • Left wanted unilateralism Right didn't
      • Left of party (Bevanites) wanted a more socialist Britain and wanted workers unions to have a say in party policies
      • Left of the party also wanted greater commitment to Clause IV and greater control over industry, economy, society
    • Conservative Economic policies
      • Industrial growth
      • Increase in trade
      • attempted to maintain a strong sterling area
      • 500% rise in car ownership
      • More credit available
      • Consumer boom
      • 1957 Rent act
      • Housing boom due to promise of building 300,000 a year
      • House waiting lists declined
      • Gov. expenditure on health, education and housing rose
      • Attempted to achieve 'full employment'
      • Use of interest rates and import controls to avoid inflation and deflation
    • Conservative Social Policies
      • Increased spending on welfare
      • 300,000+ houses built a year
      • Changed the education system
        • Robbins Report - 1963
          • expanded unis and enabled higher grants
        • 6000+new schools built
        • 11 new universities built
        • 1957 Homicide act
          • accelerated the process to abolish the death penalty


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