YARD GIRL, by Rebecca Prichard

Monolouge of Boo in Prison

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 Friendsare the people who wanna take care of you

and you wanna take care of them innit. I never

thought if I went down it would be by one of my own

mates grassing me. ButI know it wern't Marie. It was

Therese. She hate me since that fight. The only way

she see a riend is someone who agree's with her,

and hypes her up. Otherwise watch your back.

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In here I got mates but it ain' t the same. I smoe enuff weed with everyone and chat and that but everyone is wanting to get in ya business. Just 'cos they bored. And they wanna sti it and make trouble for you to'ave power over you. They think they know and they don't, ya know?

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