AS monologue idea/relevant notes.

This is the monologue I performed during my AS year. I achieved an A grade for this monologue, please find below the monologue itself, my performance notes and my 500 word written performance concept that needs to be submitted if you perform this monologue.

I do have other notes, please drop me a comment and I'll upload them.

Good Luck! 

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Agnes of God: "Why Are You Crying?" Monologue

[to an imaginary friend]

Why are you crying? But I believe you. I do. (silence) Please, don't you leave me too. Oh no. Oh my
God, O sweet Lady, don't leave me. Please, please don't leave me. I'll be good. I…

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Final word count: 498 (not including quotes)

John Pielmeier's Agnes of God is a play set in the 1970's Canada, Throughout the play it is
implied that Agnes' mental state is highly unstable, she often talks to a range of imaginary
people. I will show this in my performance at…

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do you have any tips or model essays for live theatre evaluation? or even tips for monologues etc

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