AS monologue idea/relevant notes.

This is the monologue I performed during my AS year. I achieved an A grade for this monologue, please find below the monologue itself, my performance notes and my 500 word written performance concept that needs to be submitted if you perform this monologue.

I do have other notes, please drop me a comment and I'll upload them.

Good Luck! 

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Agnes of God: "Why Are You Crying?" Monologue
[to an imaginary friend]
Why are you crying? But I believe you. I do. (silence) Please, don't you leave me too. Oh no. Oh my
God, O sweet Lady, don't leave me. Please, please don't leave me. I'll be good. I won't be your bad
baby anymore. [She "sees" someone else] No, Mummy, I don't want to go with you. Stop pulling
me. Your hands are hot. Don't touch me like that! Oh my God, Mummy, don't burn me! DON'T
BURN ME! (Silence) I stood by the window of my room every night for a week. And one night I
heard the most beautiful voice imaginable. It came from the middle of the wheat field beyond my
room, and when I looked I saw the moon shining down on Him. For six nights He sang to me.
Songs I'd never heard. And on the seventh night He came to my room and opened His wings and
lay on top of me. And all the while He sang. [singing]
"Charlie's neat and Charlie's sweet,
And Charlie he's a dandy,
Every time he goes to town
He get's his girl some candy.
Over the river and through the trees,
Over the river to Charlie's.
Over the river and through the trees
To bake a cake for Charlie"
My notes on this monologue:
When performing this monologue I took a contemporary stance, I portrayed Agnes as somewhat
psychotic, as the content of the monologue lent itself to this theme. During my performance I had
red lighting around the stage and used my audience to create the walls around me, in order to
show that Agnes was confined to just one room. I used a variety of vocal tones in order to portray
Agnes' childlike state. Below is my written performance concept that is needed if performing this
monologue on the Edexcel exam board. Overall for this monologue I achieved an A grade, I would
highly recommend this as a monologue for AS students as it offers the opportunity to meet all of
the exam criteria.
500 word written performance concept
Monologue: `'Why are you crying?' by Agnes from Agnes of God written by John Pielmeier

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John Pielmeier's Agnes of God is a play set in the 1970's Canada, Throughout the play it is
implied that Agnes' mental state is highly unstable, she often talks to a range of imaginary
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do you have any tips or model essays for live theatre evaluation? or even tips for monologues etc

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