Women and the Vote

Arguments for and against women getting the vote. Not very long, but you need to know all of them for the British Depth Study

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Arguments for

  • women over the last century had gained many rights
    • education - school and university
    • married women had control of their property
    • employment
      so why not the vote?
  • the vote would get rid of inequalities
  • it would improve men's moral behaviour towards women
  • other countries have given women the vote
  • Britain is not a true democracy until women have the vote
  • women pay taxes and rents along with men
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Arguments against

  • women don't want the vote
  • women and men have 'separate spheres'
    • the idea that men are suited to the 'public sphere' - work, politics, etc. whilst women are suited to the 'domestic sphere' - families, home life, etc. Therefore, women should not vote in elections.
  • women are already represented by their husbands
  • it is dangerous to change a system that already works
  • women don't fight for their country
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Callum Wallis


women dont deserve the vote tbh :/



Callum Wallis wrote:

women dont deserve the vote tbh :/

Oh please, you don't deserve to be doing GCSE History if you can't use correct English grammar or express a modern and balanced view on the world.

Thanks for the great notes, they're really simple but easy to learn! :) 

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