what the voting system was like in 1900

arguments that support women getting the vote and why they shouldn't

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why women weren't emotionally ready for the vote?

too irrational

too emotional

too pure

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quote queen victorian on her view on women and vot

"with the vote women would become the most hateful,heartless and discusting human beings"

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if women got the vote what would this do to men?

all men would have to be given the vote too

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what would votes for women do to famillies

family life will suffer as women will be less likely to focus on them and choose to progress in their careers

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how would women getting the vote affect politics?

only the middle class women wanted the vote - would not represent all the classes view points and opinions

women don't fight in wars and so they shouldn't have a say on going to war

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why should women get the vote?

  • pay taxes - have a say on how their spent
  • second opinion
  • uneducated men could vote but educated women couldn't - unfair!
  • single women and widows had the same responsibilitys as men
  • everyone should have a say because everyone is affected but it
  • women are starting to get more oppotunitys in the workplace and educated
  • could help clean up politics
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