For and Against Women Getting the Vote

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  • Why should women get the vote?
    • Women's roles are changing
    • Women are capable of being involved with politics so they deserve the vote
    • Many women do not want the vote
    • Britain cannot be called a democracy if women are not equal to men
    • Women are represented by their husbands
    • Women don't defend their country
    • The vote is a way to get rid of men and women's inequalities
    • Women would vote for Britain to not go to war, making the country seem weak and cowardly
    • Pre-marital sex, prostitution and venereal disease would disappear if women got the vote
    • It worked in other countries where women already had the vote
    • Ruled by their womb and reproductive cycle
    • Voting is a right that women are entitled to
    • It is dangerous to change a system that works
    • Poor illiterate men are allowed to vote when educated rich women are not
    • Hysterical unreason is nearer with women
    • Too emotionally unstable to make simple sensible decisions


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