Women & ***********

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  • *********** comes from the greek word 'porne' meaning writing about whores
  • Whores were the cheapest women that were available to all men
  • Modern *********** has existed for about 150 years
  • *********** is something that shows indecent/explicit acts which are intended to cause arousal
  • Obviously problems with the definition of ***********
  • What is arousing for one is not for another
  • Also *********** can be deeply offensive to some, but not to others
  • *********** is also context specific; sex education within schools is not pornographic even though it shows explicit scientific images
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The Law

ITZIN (1992)

  • There is no legislation against ***********
  • Rather the law has surrounded maintaining public order and decency in society 
  • The law therefore aims to restrict production, distribution and display or 'indecent/obscene' materials
  • The law is essentially a mess
  • There is no solid definition of *********** so how can the law operate?
  • Definitions include notions of corruption
  • What is corruptive is subject to the jury on that day
  • The Obscene Publications Act is therefore difficult to enforce
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Positions - Segal (1993)

  • Radical Feminists - believe *********** encourages sexual violence towards women and reinforces male domination over women
  • Liberalists - believe ****ogrpahy is sexually explicit material designed for public arousal
  • No harm comes from ****
  • But as it can cause offence there should be restrictions on the display of ***********
  • Moral Right - *********** is a threat to traditional family values
  • This position was popular during the 1980s and the panic surrounding AIDS
  • Feminists - though patriarchal, we are in danger of supressing women's exploration of their sexuality
  • We should look at how women are represented as a whole in society if we want patriarchal beliefs to disappear from society 
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