Women & ***********

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Feminists Against Censorship (1991)


  • There is a dominant heterosexual culture in *********** but we should not ban ****
  • In order to counter women as sexual objects and other dangers associated with sex - we must challenge central assumptions about sexuality and gender
  • Women should be able to explore their sexual desires
  • Look at the wider issues within sexuality rather than ban ***********
  • To stamp out dominant views about women being weak we must provide better sex education in schools, and a tolerable attitude towards sex in society
  • If we want women to be recognised as capable, strong and independent we need to address the position of women in society 
  • People who believe women are weaker than men have been conditioned to believe this
  • They are categorising all men and women as they same
  • Radical Feminists are guilty of this too
  • Radical Feminists would like to censor all ideas that do not agree with their own
  • This will not change oppressive society - it will just ban *********** and the problems for women will still be there 
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Feminists Against Censorship (1991)


  • A lot of evidence to suggest *********** causes **** is not enough to prove the claim
  • It is hearsay and results of psychological experiments
  • The vast majority of men who watch *********** do not **** women
  • A lot of people who sexually harm women have made no reference to *********** being their inspiration 
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Feminists Against Censorship (1991)


  • Campaigners say the symbols in *********** mean violence
  • Such as leather, chains and whips
  • But there are many other items of mainstream fashion that fetishize the female body
  • If *********** does cause violence against women, there should not be a ban
  • Ignorance never cures a problem
  • It probably worsens it because no information is available 
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Assiter (1991)

  • Liberals believe *********** should exist in society 
  • But it should not offend people, so there are restrictions on display of ***********
  • This was a result of the Williams Report 1979
  • Freedom of speech allows good ideas to multiply and inevitably bad ideas will reduce
  • Williams Report argues that the degredation of women in *********** is the same as any other form of wage labour in a capitalist society 
  • All workers are restricted by constraints - their lack of wealth
  • The harm that *********** may cause is not enough to call for a complete censorship of it from society 
  • *********** should be available to those who want it and kept from those who have no wish to be subjected by it
  • Deep offence to *********** is a matter of taste
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