William Blake - The Tyger


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  • ROLE OF THE POET- Concerned with the role of the poet as an intermediary between the realm of the imagination/higher truths and the unenlightened masses incarcerated in the realm of reason and science.
  • THE NATURE OF GOD :Asks the fundamental question of how a benevolent God that can endow us with the "clothing of delight" of The Lamb can create the "burning/fire" and ferocity of the Tiger.

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ANAPHORA - Repetiton of "What" to reiterate the poem's central question and uncertainty.

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CATALEXIS - Dropped syllable at the end of each line, emphasises the sound and beat of the "hammer" and "anvil." Also shows the seeming discordance of a benevolent and ferocious God.

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JUXTAPOSITION - "Burning bright/Night" "Immortal/Hand" (humans are mortal)

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ALLITERATION - "Burning bright" "what wings" "distant deeps"

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PERSONIFICATION - "When the stars threw down their spears/And watered heaven with their tears"

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(Note: The way the human interprets the Tiger is important as it has links to The Little Girl Lost/Found when the reader and Lyca's parents assume she will be harmed by the Tigers.)

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