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Songs of Innocence and Experience Revision

Blake's illuminated books were modelled on manuscripts from the Middle Ages,
where the pictures informed the words and the words the pictures, and the links
between them were supplied by the reader, not managed by the artist.
never tempted to massproduce
The most significant…

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Blake's contemporaries thought him at best a harmless crank, at worst a
madman. Throughout his life he was given to curious or premature experiments:
with nudism, spiritualism, sexual magic.
Once he claimed to have talked with an angel who had posed for Michelangelo
Gilchrist noted Blake believed the world `in…

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Raymond Williams
Blake above criticised his materialistic society for blunting imagination
Peter Ackroyd
In Innocence Blake sought to dramatise spiritual significance as well as the
deficiencies of innocence
The songs in their time were seen as wild and mystical with an old fashioned
gothic appearance therefore they were not right…

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1762 ­ Rousseau publishes The Social Contract about human rights
Rousseau ­ first romantic philosopher valuing feeling and innocence
Thomas Paine ­ The Rights of Man attacked hereditary government and the
monarchy and mirrored the beliefs of dissenters (Blake)
Locke believed that at birth the mind is a blank slate…


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