movement in the arts and literature which originated in the late 18th century emphasising, inspiration, subjectivity and the primacy of the individual

first recognition as a style and movement perhaps derives from the Vienna lectures of August Willhelm von Schlegel in which he made a distinction between the organic qualities of Romantic art as opposed to the mechanical characters of classicism.

it is classified as reactionary poetry as poets were often spokesmen for a society that address a homogeneous audience.

enlightenment poetry focused on modernity, science and the rational.

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william blake

  • English poet, painter and printmaker.
  • largely unrecognised in his lifetime.
  • lived in London, his entire life.
  • considered mad by his contemporaries.
  • he was reverent to the Bible but hostile to the Church of England
  • his poetry shows rebellion against the abuse of class power(Marxism)
  • songs of innocence and experiences: show the contrary states of the human soul.
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holy thursday

  • both poems focus on a singular event; a charity school service celebrated 40 days after the resurrection of Christ at St Pauls Cathedral in London.
  • the children show the uniformity of society.
  • the lines of the text show the rigid social order of  the 18th-century
  • songs of experience focus on society as a whole rather than on the ceremony its self
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the sick rose

first published in 1794.

CERVO: "one of the mostt baffling and enigmatic in the english language"

the rose and the worm has been considered by critics as figures of humanity

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the tyger

most of his works railed against the oppressive institutions such as the church or the monarchy or any and all cultural traditions

KAZIN calls it the most famous of his poems

in order to achieve truth one must see the constraints within society

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explores the dangerous industrial conditions, child labour, prostitution and poverty.

Blake alludes to the revolution arguably suggesting that the experience of living there could encourage a revolution on the streets of the capital.

when wealth increases poverty increases.

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William Wordsworth

died from pleurisy in 1850

parents died when he was in his teens.

'Lyrical Ballards' a collection of poems by Wordsworth and Coleridge first published in 1798

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lines written in Early Spring

landscape poem that is largely concerned with nature.

narrator contemplates the changes that society has undergone around him,

french revolution

LINES WRITTEN evokes simplicity, spontenaity and urgency

SPRING new, beginning and vulnerability

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