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Quotations and context from different types of: Prose, Drama and Poetry.

Maya Angelou - Still I Rise

CONTEXT:  Civil rights campaigner, born in 1928 in St Louis at the time of

QUOTATIONS: "shoot me with your words" say as you please and look at me how you like, but i will always rise above it and not be defeated. 

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Maya Angelou - Phenomanal Woman

QUOTATIONS: "Its in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips, the stride of my step and the curl of my lips" women are equal and should be treated fairly, we are all human. Gains self confidence. 

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Wole Soyinka - Death and the Kings Horseman

CONEXT: Nigera in the 40's. Soyinka was born in 1934, took an active role in Nigeras political history and gaining independance amoungst Britain. Demanded a cancellation of elections and was put in solitary confinement for two years.

QUOTATIONS: "the unknowable death of death" shows his duty and his acceptance if he does so. 

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