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- Album 'Play'

- 1999

- Clubdance Music

- Another track on album is 'Porcelain'

- Club Dance music: Sampling and loops, layered textures, strong beat, short phrases, prominent use of electronic sounds

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Forces and Instrumentation:

- Piano, synth, sampled hip-hop breakbeat, drum machine

- Based entirely around synthesized instruments

- Vocals are sample recordings from a 1050's Gospel choir, 1 male, 1 female - they were not changed

- Strong beat emphasised by drums and bass

- Samples are looped to create melody

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- Based on verse, chorus structure

- Samples are looped to create verses and choruses

- After 2nd verse there is a breakdown (1 bars pause)

- Reverb and echo are used

- Sample A - male singer - verse

- Sample B - female singer - chorus

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Melody and Word Setting:

- Short phrases

- Looped samples create the melody

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Rhythm, Metre, and Tempo:

- 4/4 metre

- Strong beat emphasised by drums and bass

- Syncopation is used in piano, vocal, synth string parts 

- Rhythms are varied to provide contrast

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Harmony and Tonality:

- A minor

- A sections: Am, Am, Em, Em, G, G, D, D - Amazing Emily Goes Dancing

- B sections: C, C, Am, Am, C, C, Am, Am, but when looped it becomes F, F, C, C, F, F, C, C

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Use of Technology:

- Panning

- Electronic Ghostings

- Reverb

- Delay

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- Melody dominated homophony

- Starts with piano, then drums, then synth strings

- After bridge 'These open doors' is heard but with a reverb

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