Whose Government??


Reform Visions: 1880-1892

  1. How do you create reform through politics? 
    1. Work to pressure pasties from outside. 
    2. Try to change a party from the inside 
    3. Make a new party 
  2. Federal Reform Initiatives 
    1. Civil Service Commission 
    2. Endorsed by classic Liberals
    3. 1887 - Interstate Commerce Act: regulate railroads 
    4. 1890 - Sherman Anti-Trust Act: regulate monopolies 
    5. 1890 - Lodge Bill: fails in Senate; protect the Black vote in South 
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The Populist Program

  1. Increases pressure on Democrats by appealing to rural voters in the South and West 
  2. 1892: Party goes national 
  3. Problems: Lack of Currency, too much inequality, higher wages, racial in equality 
  4. Solutions: Equal pay, coin silver, more money circulating, income tax, public ownership of railroads
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Why do the Populists Struggle

  1. Giant Depression of 1863 
    1. Dems   blamed by Republicans 
    2. Republicans won't loosen the money supply 
  2. Populists try to defeat the Democrats in the South; failure 
    1. Terrorism, White Supremacy
  3. 1896: Democrats embrace some of the Populist program 
    1. William Jennings Bryan- Using gold and silver for money. 
    2. Republicans-McKinley 
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