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Why was prohibition introduced?

·         Pressure Groups - groups led by women (such as the Women's Temperance Union) encouraged prohibition. This helped to introduce it as the government needed women's votes, who were worried about the link between alcohol and domestic abuse.

·         Middle Class Industrialists - People such as Henry Ford believed that their workers worked better sober. This helped to introduce it as these people were very rich and could be useful in government campaigns.

·         German Brewers - Most brewers of beer were German. As Germans were seen as the enemy after WWI, America did not want to support Germany in any way,

Why did prohibition fail?

·         The public did not support it and ignored it, making criminals of themselves. This meant that it failed as the government wanted support in order to be re-elected. They lost support due to prohibition, making it logical to end it.

·         Of the 4000 agents whose job it was to deal with


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